Pay-per-view prices

We offer Pay-as-you-go and subscription options.  We use WorldPay to process your credit card payments - they are a large and reputable organisation capable of securely processing your payment, and also of protecting your personal details.

Pay-asYou-Go vouchers

Pay-as-you-go vouchers are available from 20pfor 25ppage views.  We recommend that first time users try out the on-line access with a minimum £5 voucher.  Average price per page view varies from 20p to 25p depending on the number of page views purchased.  Vouchers are valid for 180 days. To purchase, select an option below.

Voucher valueNo. of creditsPrice per page 

If you would like to purchase more than 150 page views, Please enter a value ( > £15)  in the box below . Price is 10p per page

£       Add to basket


Quarterly and Annual Subscriptions are also available as shown below. 


Subscription periodPrice per monthTotal 
3 months£8.33£25.00
6 months£7.50£45.00
12 months£6.67£80.00

Books for download or on CD

To buy books on CD please start by finding a book of interest in the library