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George Barker has arranged for a number of items to be available for sale to Old Boys at extremely reasonable prices. We decided to make them available for sale on this web site so that any Old Boys wishing to pay by credit card can do so, as many now living overseas have requested. We have had to add 50p to the price of each item to cover card processing costs, so if you would prefer to pay the lower price, and can pay in UK £ sterling, then please contact George Barker directly at 8 Chapel St., Warmington, PE8 6TR. ( Please note that £1 post & packing will be added for overseas orders.

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The Slog Smugglers by George Barker

This is an outstanding book by George recalling his schooldays as a boarder in the 1950's. It is in places very funny, and is one of those books that you will find impossible to put down. Brought back a lot of memories for me, even though I started the term after George left. Many black and white silhouette illustrations. Two maps. One plan. 225 pp.

If you haven't already read it, you really should.

 Price : £9.00 inc. UK p&p  (add £1 for overseas)

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Old Boys Tie

A few years ago Michael Phillips had the Old Boys Tie replicated at his own expense, but with a modem length and width, and offered it for sale. Michael died on 24 March 2006, and until stocks ran out his wife kindly offered to handle any sales.

That stock has now run out, and George Barker has had another batch of ties made up to the same design.

 Price : £10.50 inc. UK p&p (add £1 for overseas)

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Watercolour of the school, 1943

Watercolour of the School in 1943. This oblique, sub-aerial view was painted by Freda Sage, the Art Mistress of the day, and is available as a print. Its dimensions are 23.5" x 16.5". Despite its rather sepia appearance on this web page, the painting is actually in colour - quite how the colours vanished on transferring it to this medium, I don't know.

 Price : £5.50 inc. UK p&p (add £1 for overseas)

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Christmas card, 1950

A reproduction of the School Christmas Card of 1950. It is a black and white drawing of the Church Street frontage from the Norfolk Arms with the boys walking away from school. Price is for ten cards plus envelopes (incl. p&p) .

 Price : £3.00 inc. UK p&p (add £1 for overseas)

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